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3/23 – Rob’s Warmer “Hump Day” Forecast

It's a MUCH WARMER start as a south wind overnight continues to elevate temps and low-level moisture...

Ryan’s Tuesday Night Forecast

Twas another beautiful day down here in South Mississippi, but the forecast does have some big changes coming up very soon. We're already seeing...

3/22 – Rob’s “Tuesday Morning” Forecast

A chilly start with temps north of the interstate in the upper 30s under clear skies...

3/21 – Rob’s “Beginning of Spring” Forecast

As we begin the 1st WORKDAY of Spring, It's a FROSTY START with a cool day ahead...

3/18 – Rob’s “End of Winter” Forecast

After thunderstorms yesterday afternoon, this morning brings cloudy skies and cool temps as the activity has shifted north...

Severe Weather

Meteorologist Ryan Mahan has a look at the weather.

3/17 – Rob’s “St. Paddy’s Day” Forecast

A WARM & HUMID start with isolated T-Storms and foggy conditions...

3/16 – Rob’s “Pre-St. Paddy’s Day” Forecast

A cold front in central Mississippi has brought warm & humid conditions along with areas of DENSE FOG...

3/15 – Rob’s Tuesday Morning Forecast

It's another cloudy start as WARM & HUMID air moves in from the Gulf. The atmosphere will begin to dry later this morning...

3/14 – Rob’s Monday Morning Forecast

Now that the rain has ended, RISING RIVERS & FLOODING will continue to be problematic for residents...

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