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7/21 – Payton’s Sunday Night Forecast

A July "cold" front will help out with the humidity later this week and an update on the tropics.

07/19 Ryan’s “Drier” Friday Night Forecast

Not too much rain today, but much more is expected over the weekend....

7/19 – Rob Knight’s “Hot, Hazy & Humid” Weekend Forecast

HOT temperatures this afternoon as the HEAT INDEX will average 104 degrees, please be safe...

7/19 – Rob Knight’s Friday Morning Forecast

A warm start with upper-level clouds moving across the area from east to west...

07/18 Ryan’s “Mostly Dry” Thursday Night Forecast

Another drier day today, but more rain is on the way....

07/18 Ryan’s “Mostly Dry” Thursday Forecast

Another drier day out there today, but more rainy days are coming....

7/18 – Payton’s Thursday Afternoon Forecast

Be careful in the heat...some relief possible next week.

7/18 – Rob’s “Sizzling” Thursday Morning Forecast

Heat index values over 100 this afternoon.

07/17 Ryan’s “More Sunny” Wednesday Night Forecast

More sunny weather today without rain, but it won't stay away for much longer....

07/17 Ryan’s “Sunny” Wednesday Forecast

More nice weather today with many more similar days ahead....

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