Cannery Bar and Grill holding karaoke competition to raise money for breast cancer patients

You can karaoke your way to the top and be raising money for breast cancer patients while doing it.

Every Thursday from June 3rd through July 29th at the Cannery Bar and Grill in Woolmarket, fifteen men and women will be competing against each other in a karaoke contest.

The champions will move on to semi-finals and then finals which will be held September 10th at the Chandeleur Island Brewing Company then there will be six contestants and the top man and woman will win $5,000 each.

A percentage of the bars sales will be donated each week to Carter’s Champions and then given to the Memorial Hospital Foundation, they provide treatment and services to breast cancer patients. Carter’s Champions Executive Director Liz Gaulke said, “Everything they do, every penny they raise, goes to treatment care and raised to patient care, treatment, services, and rides to appointments. Not only breast cancer, but everything they do.”

Cannery Bar and Grill Matthew Maver said, “It should be huge. It’s nine weeks leading up to who is the king and queen of karaoke. It should be fun.”

The karaoke starts at 7 p.m. this Thursday at the Cannery Bar and Grill on Shriner’s Boulevard in Woolmarket.

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