Art picked for high water mark revitalization project in Bay St. Louis

After about two-and-a-half months of searching, the artwork for the Katrina High Water Mark Revitalization Project has been chosen.

The project enabled local artists to design ‘welcome to BSL’ murals on the concrete slabs that memorialize the flood peak water levels after Hurricane Katrina.

The two winners were Bay St. Louis resident Holly Garvin for the adult division and Our Lady Academy student Addison Moore for the youth division.

For Moore, it took her several attempts to make the perfect mural, having to restart multiple times.

News 25 spoke with Moore about her project and how it felt to win the competition. “So, my mom was at the church and she brought me the letter back and we opened it in the car and I was kind of surprised because I thought there would be a lot of people who entered but I’m not sure how many did and it was just like a relief to find out that you actually won at something that you were so excited for.”

The winners took home $500 for winning as well.

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