24 Hour infrared fitness studio in Gulfport


Looking for a hot fitness studio? With its infrared saunas, Hotworx in Gulfport will surely help you break a sweat.

It’s open 24 hours with a variety of virtually interested infrared semi-private sauna with workouts designed to help their members achieve their fitness goals along with all the health benefits working out in infrared heat has to offer.

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There is more than just saunas. The venue also offers bands, weights, ropes, and an equipment area available for any combination of functional training exercises and routines. Angela and Daniel Nation are Hotworx members. “It’s really hot because you sweat so much you really feel like you get a hard workout.” “It’s definitely different, it’s taken me about a month to be able to stay in there the full session but it’s great once you build up that tolerance.”

The owner also plans on opening another location in Ocean Springs within a year.