Coast shoppers experience Black Friday at Edgewater Mall


The locally owned, Bella Rose Boutique, drew in one of the biggest Black Friday turnouts at Edgewater Mall.

They had a line of shoppers waiting to get in for their super sales, while only allowing 50 percent capacity.

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“In the retail business it’s really important, that’s our prime time,” Bella Rose owner Hayley Ruiz says.

“It’s been tough, we’re thankful that were are able to open this. we were not sure towards summer. if we were even going to have a Christmas and holidays.”

One of their workers had a restless night, unsure of how hectic her first Black Friday working would be.

“I was so anxious last night I couldn’t even sleep,” Bella Rose employee Taylor Gill says.

Sleep? That’s something typically unheard of when a group from Hurley, Mississippi goes Black Friday shopping.

“Normally we would go from six o’clock yesterday afternoon and still be going non stop,” Presleigh Cumbest says.

Yet, this year hasn’t been too sleepless for the “Girls on a Mission.”

But is it still their favorite holiday?

“Yeah it is, I do love this time of year. It’s family time really, you get to see a lot of family you don’t get to see all the time,” Cumbest says.

Going into the Christmas season, Edgewater Mall is having what they consider good sales.

As for the ‘biggest shopping day’ of the year during the pandemic?

“I think that, things are different. It’s not the same, but its here,” Edgewater Mall general manager Terry Powell says.