Community Q&A with Gulfport Police Chief Chris Ryle


Gulfport Police Chief Chris Ryle reached out to the community this evening with a question and answer session.

Gulfport’s new Police Chief Chris Ryle is continuing a tradition of outreach to the communities his department serves. “Our service population is our community, and anytime we get the opportunity to go and just interact with our community and hear their concerns and answer any questions they may have. It’s very vital for us to continue to do our job in a positive manner.”

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Chief Chris Ryle outlined his vision for the department to Gaston Point residents and his focus on image, workforce stability, juvenile outreach, and community engagement during a Q&A session. He also took the time to field questions about the department from attendees. “We have that open dialogue between our community leaders and myself, so if something does come up we can have that conversation and they can feel comfortable asking the questions and I can answer the questions with no issues.”

Event Organizer Jeffrey Hulum III says he’s eager to learn more on the department’s community policing perspectives. “We need to understand from his mindset the three P’s of community policing, which comes with the people, policies, and processes in which we are gathered with in these communities.”

As Ryle addressed those three Ps and other questions like manpower concerns, the goal is to continue these dialogues in the months and years to come. Hulum said, “It’s a blessing for him to come in and continue to embrace the role with Chief Papania left which paved the way for him working with the community.”

Ryle said, “Most of the time when police are involved it’s negative and we want to change that perception and make sure we have positive contacts with our community.”