Mississippi Power prepares for Hurricane Sally


Mississippi Power is preparing for any major power outages that Hurricane Sally may bring to the residents of the Coast.

The company has been working diligently to pull additional resources from up state to provide for coastal locations.

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Their sister company from the southeast has also been sending necessary resources to help prepare for this major storm.

By midday Thursday, Mississippi Power will have about 1,000 extra linemen working to help residents get their lights back on.

The company has been preparing for this hurricane since last Friday and Saturday. Mississippi Power President and CEO Anthony Wilson said, “Our linemen are very trained and very prepared. It is dangerous work what they do, but they are indeed first responders and they are ready to get the lights back on. They’ll continue to do that until the storm gets to a point where it is no longer safe for them to work. And once it dies down enough and becomes safe enough for them to work, they’ll be back at it. And we’ll stay with it until the lights are back on.”

The company is asking all residents to be mindful of their progress throughout the effects of Hurricane Sally.


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