Medical Marijuana on the 2020 ballot


Today, the Medical Marijuana Campaign of 2020 with Initiative 65 met in Gulfport for a briefing on the upcoming options for the November election.

Initiative 65 proposes to amend the Mississippi Constitution to allow qualified patients with debilitating medical conditions, as certified by Mississippi licensed physicians, to use medical marijuana. This amendment would allow medical marijuana to be provided only by licensed treatment centers. The Mississippi State Department of Health would regulate and enforce the provisions of this amendment. Medical Marijuana 2020 Communications Director Jamie Grantham said, “It’s heartbreaking to hear some of those stories about patients who need medical marijuana and could benefit for it, but they don’t have access to it and if they would try and go buy it off the street, it makes them a criminal.”

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However, the opposing ballot to Initiative 65 is the legislature’s Alternative 65A which has its own requirements. Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson explained why he supports Initiative 65 and not 65A. “You need to stand on principle and you need to stand on your convictions, regardless of whether you may or may not know someone who could personally benefit from this. You know, when I say I believe the government should get out of healthcare, I mean it, and I’m going to support it regardless of how controversial the topic.”

The 2020 election will be held November 3rd where the ballot will provide four options. Grantham suggests voters view to see how the ballot will appear. “I urge everyone to go to the polls on November third, it’s obviously a very important election, but go to the bottom of the ballot. Don’t stop at the top, go to the very bottom of the ballot and you will see the Medical Marijuana option there at the bottom of the ballot, you’ll need to vote on the top question for the approval of either measure and you’ll need to vote on the second question for Initiative 65 if you want a true medical marijuana program.”

With the 2020 election right around the corner, voters must educate themselves on both medical marijuana options to see what may suit them best. Registered voters can find their local precinct to vote on these options.

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