Update on quarantined kindergarten class at Pecan Park Elementary


News 25 reached out to the Ocean Springs School District to see how they are moving forward after one of their staff members tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

The exposed kindergarten class of 13 is still quarantining and being taught through Zoom and other platforms to ensure they don’t fall behind.

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The impacted students and teachers are anticipated to return to class August 24th.

The Ocean Springs School District is implementing additional safety measures. All rooms are being cleaned multiple times a day and more emphasis is being put on hand washing and social distancing.

At Pecan Park Elementary, faculty and staff are teaching students the correct hand washing practices. Communications and Multimedia Coordinator Trey Brennan said, “We’re still moving along. We’re adapting every day to the guidelines for schools reopening amidst all of this. We are adapting. It’s important that we never get too comfortable because this is a virus that not a lot of people know a lot about and everything’s changing as we learn more and more about the virus.”

If a teacher or staff member does become exposed to COVID contact tracing is done to determine if a class or a group of students need to become quarantined.

If the staff member can work they will carry on teaching class remotely.


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