Governor Reeves believes efforts to slow down COVID are working


Aside from students having to quarantine, Governor Tate Reeves today announced that “your efforts are working.”

He says the lower numbers are working because of the efforts of Mississippians wearing masks and social distancing.

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Reeves reiterated that if we continue to reduce the transmission in our communities, we can continue to see positive results.

However, when asked about the spread in schools and what precautions are being taken from districts along the Coast, Dr. Thomas Dobbs had this to say. “It’s a bit of a disappointment to have to quarantine that many people. Under the current guidance, if you can maintain the proper spacing of six feet or more per student, then there is not a mandated quarantine. To me, that suggests that our classes are too crowded, just to be quite honest. We haven’t done a successful job in sort of blending different schedules and then online learning, sort of combinations. Otherwise we’re going to continue to see this it’s just inevitable until we can get our community transmission down considerably.”

Dr. Dobbs wants to remind faculty and staff to always wear a mask. A face shield does not remove the need to wear a mask. He says the face mask is an added layer of protection for the wearer only, not to those around you.


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