Mississippi Aquarium update amidst COVID-19


The Mississippi Aquarium in Gulfport delayed the original grand opening a few times. The aquarium is now set to open August 29th.

The Mississippi Aquarium is moving right along schedule after having to delay their opening. President and CEO Kurt Allen explained the facility will ensure proper safety and COVID related regulations to keep their staff and guests safe. “Yeah corona kinda throws you through a curve when you’re trying to open an aquarium, but what we’re going to do is, well we have something called time ticketing which allows us to control how many people actually come to the aquarium within every half hour.”

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Along with the time ticketing program, most of the aquarium’s exhibits are outside for the public to spread out and roam. Tickets for children ages three to 12 are $24.95 each and ages 13 and up are $29.95 per ticket. There are senior citizen and military discounts available. “People are going to be really surprised when they come in because it’s really something special. People drive by all the time and then when we take them on a tour, everyone says ‘I had no idea’ so please come see what we have cause you have no idea what we have to offer.”

With the new Mississippi Aquarium opening up soon, not only will it attract guests to its location, but also it will attract new customers to local businesses nearby. Lead Manager at Boozer’s Brew Olivia Fayard said, “We’re hoping it’s going to help out a lot of the local businesses here and Downtown Gulfport and Gulfport period. With us being right across the street, we’re hoping that it will bring us more business as we are already doing great in our new location.”

The grand opening is set for Saturday, August 29th. The aquarium will be open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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