Special election to vote on Mississippi Power Franchise agreement


Every 25 years there is the chance for the City of Gulfport and many others across the state to renew the amount of revenue they receive from Mississippi Power.

From 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. tomorrow during a special election, residents will get to decide if Mississippi Power will continue giving the city three percent of their revenue or revert to the state required minimum of two percent.

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Based off the revenue that was given to the city by Mississippi Power last year, that one percent difference was equal to $1 million.

This vote does not change a person’s utility provider or increase their rates.

Voters will need to cast their ballot at the polling location used during municipal elections such as city council or mayoral elections except for residents who vote at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. Those citizens will need to vote at the Isiah Fredericks Community Center because that voting site is currently closed. City of Gulfport Public Information Officer LaShaundra McCarty “The state requirement is that utilities give two percent of their revenue to the municipalities that they are located in. For the last 50 years, Mississippi Power has elected to give three percent opposed to the two percent because that is a deviation from what the state law requires there has to be a public vote.”

The money received from Mississippi Power goes into the city’s general fund, having the capability to impact all the City of Gulfport’s departments and services.

You do not have to be a customer of Mississippi Power to vote in this election.