South Mississippi Ballroom Dancers celebrate special birthdays


Despite COVID and the heat, the South Mississippi Ballroom Dancers were determined to give group founder Ben Gibson and his wife, Lucille, a birthday celebration.

Saturday, the SMBD caravanned to the Gibson’s home with balloons and posters, wishing the couple a happy 89th birthday. Once the group arrived, they hopped out of their vehicles and put on a show for their friends.

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Music blasted from a portable speaker dance instructor Edward Landry brought as he led the group in a line dance.

Couples showed off their moves on the Gibson’s lawn too as Lucille watched from the porch. Landry said, “COVID-19 has given us a certain awareness of how much we really need each other. And we are better through our diversity if we are willing to embrace the difference because we all bring a little flavor, especially into dance. We have many different backgrounds coming from many different communities and we encourage them to share their interpretation of the dance because is actually is an interpretation of music, which is also an aid to how we deal with life. Because life is, how you say, a dance in this world through all the different troubles, triumphs, and successes and failures that we learn from to make a better dance, a better person, in order for us to lead the next generation into it.”