Visiting Pets of South Mississippi brings joy to the community


Visiting Pets of South Mississippi is a group of owners and pet teams visiting people who are in hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice care.

To become a pet team, you must get registered through Pet Partners. There is a one-time expense of $70. The process to register can be completed on your own pace.

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The group normally has a meeting the second Saturday of every month.

Visiting Pets Coordinator Mike Bowin recalls his experience visiting with his dog, Doc. “It’s a little bit of a break in the day for them. There’s been an awful lot of times when we’re getting ready to end the visit and they’ll comment ‘that dog made my day.’ It’s a good thing. There is work and effort involved, but there are great rewards. They’re all intangible, but they are great rewards.”

They have around 30 teams and are looking for more dogs and owners to participate. If you are interested email or visit