Rally calling for removal of Confederate monument at Harrison County Courthouse


Today is Juneteenth, a commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.

There was a rally at the Harrison County Courthouse earlier this evening calling for the removal and replacement of the Confederate monument there.

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The rally was filled with supporters for and against the removal of the monument. The rally had speeches from veterans, pastors, and a lawyer all in support of removing the monument. Those in favor of keeping the monument argued that it is a “part of history and heritage.”

More information about the future of the statue in front of Harrison County Courthouse will be available on July 6th.


  1. That is so wrong. When one removes history in time it will repeat . More focus should be put on countries where slavery still exists. Lets abolish that before we try and forget out mistakes/history.

  2. This being such a significant date….The past president never suggested this be a holiday? I suggest we celebrate this occasion with Martin Luther King Day or sometime in February which is Black History Month.


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