Former Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran pleas “no contest”


Ex Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran pleaded ‘no contest’ in municipal court Wednesday for public drunkenness.

This means she is not admitting guilt, but agrees there is enough evidence to convict her. She feels as if she wouldn’t get a fair trial in Ocean Springs.

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Moran was arrested January 13th after an Ocean Springs police officer spotted a woman, later identified as Moran, lying on her back in the southbound lane of Washington Avenue.

The officer checked on the woman and said she appeared ‘highly intoxicated,’ ‘smelled of alcohol, slurred speech and was unable to stand.’

Moran claims she slipped on a hill as she was walking down her driveway on Washington Avenue, fell and hit her head and elbow on the concrete. Moran says she was not unconscious due to intoxication.

She also says, “I pleaded no contest in order not to try this case in Ocean Springs City Court. I don’t think I could get a fair trial and I can appeal to the county court and see what happens.”


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