Influx of animals at Jackson County Animal Shelter


The Jackson County Animal Shelter has been reopened for less than a month and already they are seeing an influx of animals.

The shelter has about 100 animals and that number is growing by the day.

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They currently are in the thick of kitten season and have 55 baby cats in their care along with lots of dogs. The shelter says they see so many young animals come into the shelter because people are not spaying or neutering their pets.

There are low cost spay and neuter shops in the area like ‘Snip’ which is the Spay and Neuter Impact Project in Jackson County.

You can also help the shelter by adopting, fostering, or making a donation. Maridee Bond Mallette with the Jackson County Animal Shelter said, “The importance of adopting is you do save a life and you make room for another animal. So you are really saving two lives. Kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs, they all need homes right now. There are so many out there that are running around that need people’s help. So come to the shelter, save a life, it makes a big difference and also you get unconditional love.”

The shelter is open for regular business hours, but they are closed on Saturdays due to the coronavirus pandemic.


  1. Another reason for all these animals are people following the leash law. I returned a cops dog 3 times to them. He was a beautiful and friendly dog.The people need to keep their pets safe and secure. The police need to enforce and also follow this law. It’s crazy the amount of dead dogs I come upon everyday. Sad!


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