Governor Reeves addresses new COVID cases


Mississippi is seeing its largest influx of coronavirus cases since the first positive case on March 11th. Governor Tate Reeves today announcing the importance of following guidelines to prevent another outbreak.

In today’s briefing, Reeves stressed that threats still remain in our state, saying news agencies have “lead people to believe that coronavirus and COVID-19 is over,” and that “many cable news networks have moved onto something else.”

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After that, Reeves went on to remind Mississippians to stay in the fight against COVID-19 and remain vigilant, although there hasn’t been a significant uptick or major downtick.  “We have not seen a significant uptick in the total number of hospitalizations. We have not seen a significant uptick in the total number of patients in ICU beds. We have not seen a major uptick in the total number of patients on ventilators. We’ve also not seen a major downtick. It has been relatively constant for weeks and weeks on end, and so the reality is as we look at the data, we haven’t seen major upticks nor have we seen major downticks and because of that as the health care system increased pinup demand as more elective surgeries are coming online, as hospitals are doing other procedures that people put off for a little while, we’re now beginning to see overall hospital utilization and hospital capacity issues.”