COVID-19 forces cancellation of Pride events


Since its debut on the Gulf Coast four years ago, Pride has been a popular festival for the community to gather and celebrate Pride Month. This year, due to world circumstances, the Gulf Coast Association of Pride had to make the tough decision to cancel its events.

In a normal year, June would be full of colorful festivities celebrating the LGBTQ+ community.

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However, this isn’t a normal year. due to concerns surrounding COVID-19 and large gatherings, the Gulf Coast Association of Pride had to cancel their original plans for Pride Month celebrations.

Gulf Coast Association of Pride President Christopher Davidson says: “People understand that we made the right choice. They hate it, don’t get me wrong. I’ve had people even come back and say aww we’re so disappointed, but we understand.”

With the intersection of Pride month and the racial injustice protests going on nationwide, Davidson said it’s more important now than ever to come together as a community.

“You know, their protests are for very valid reasons and I get it. You know the LGBT community has done it for ever also. We would hope would eventually one day, everyone can be accepted and get along,” Davidson says.

Much like how the African American community is asking the nation to educate themselves on racial injustices, Davidson explains how you can educate yourself on the lives and experiences of members of the LGBTQ+ community.

“Open your ears and listen. And grab out of your heart and do what you can do to help someone. That’s your best education is to look around you and see what everyone is going through and try to be a solution to the problem.”



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