Stone County citizens and leaders hold town hall meeting


Communities across the Coast are engaging in conversations regarding the death of George Floyd, and now Stone County is one of many areas joining that discussion.

“Sometimes we have to be uncomfortable to address the issues that are at hand. So if it takes us sitting here until things get done or we can move forward, then so be it,” event organizer Danielle Jackson-Kinnard says.

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Local leaders gathered with citizens virtually and in person for a town hall meeting on how to keep the peace locally, with an emphasis on the future and how to maintain working relationships with law enforcement.

Captain Ray Boggs with the Stone County Sheriff’s Office says: “We have to address our way of policing and the things that’s been going on in the law enforcement community.”

As citizens made their voices heard in what was called a ‘raw and relevant’ discussion, faith leaders say bridging divides is paramount.

“It’s very important that we bridge diversity, we bridge the conflicts and we work together to make sure justice is served and that equality is elevated,” says Pastor Mike Minnis of Northwood Church’s Wiggins Campus.

And for the county, this is just the start of a continued dialogue.

“I want this to be a continuation in order to make progress. This has to be an ongoing thing, we have to be consistent in what we do.”



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