City of Moss Point files lawsuit against water meter company


The City of Moss Point is heading back to court. This time it’s suing water meter company McNeil Rhoads, Chris McNeil, Mueller Systems, and Mueller Water Products.

The city paid defendants $8.5 million to install a system that would pay for itself as an energy performance contract. The city alleges in the complaint the defendants provided the city with defective meters and an ineffective system.

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The lawsuit also alleges the water meter company misrepresented the savings that would be achieved from the project and botched the work on the city’s water meter system.

Moss Point Mayor Mario King says this is unacceptable for residents relying on the service. “The city would just like to be made whole and we felt very uncomfortable paying for something that didn’t work. What we did was the city will retain council, both local and out of state council, to pursue our claims. We felt this was the only option we had.”

Moss Point is seeking several million dollars for the estimated cost to repair the malfunctioning water meter system and to pay for ongoing operations and maintenance costs for the system.


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