City of Long Beach lifting curfew Thursday


Long Beach residents will soon be able to move around without a curfew.

Mayor George Bass issued the new orders today, stating the city-wide curfew instituted in the Emergency Proclamation of Executive Order issued on March 31st shall be lifted and canceled at 5 a.m. tomorrow.

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Director of Community Affairs Jenny Levens says the orders are an effort to get back to normal. “A step forward in the aspect of returning to normal. It was one of the last restrictions that was put in and should be one of the first removed. If we have any problems or the police are having issues from this we can put it back in place if necessary. For now we are lifting it and we’re trying to return to some normalcy.”

The orders also urge residents to continue following the issuance of the governor’s ‘safer at home’ order put in place for Mississippi as well as the City of Long Beach.


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