Stone football over everything: Airness Jordan turns living room into weight room


In the midst of all the craze over the ‘Last Dance’ docu-series highlight the Chicago Bulls in the 90s, there’s an unlikely South Mississippi connection to Michael Jordan and His Airness. Introducing Airness Jordan Ramey, a rising sophomore football player at Stone High School who’s living room and weight room are now one in the same.

“My whole living room is like literally a weight room. It’s like a gym. (So you used to have a living room?) Yeah, I used to have a living room and a kitchen. Yeah, I used to. I don’t anymore.”  In today’s world of social distancing and isolation, interior decorating has taken on a new meaning in the Ramey household. “It’s crazy, like you can barely sit down up in there now. It used to be a good living room we just chilled in until I got this and I got this and got that. It’s kind of crowded up in there, but it’s all good.”

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Already a varsity football contributer as a freshman, Airness Jordan Ramey, yes named after MJ, was looking to carve out an even bigger role for himself as a sophomore. The problem being, he was no longer allowed to work out with his teammates at Stone High School.  Airness’ father, Stan Ramey, said “When he came home and told me that school was going to be out for a while, he wanted to make a change and just continue working out.”

Stan Ramey was willing to honor his son’s commitment to offseason training, but that commitment came with a price. About $3,000 later, there’s now a hack squat machine sitting in the front yard and a personal gym sitting in front of the couch. “Each equipment came one at a time, friends and stuff helping him out and until it got up to this much. And then it started packing into the bedroom, and I had to get rid of some of it because we got to where we didn’t have nowhere to sleep.”

A minor inconvenience compared to the results Airness Jordan is starting to see from his very own two-a-days program, already up as much as 18 pounds to 223 from his freshman season playing weight of 205. “I don’t tell him nothing. He wakes me up because he’s making all that noise and I haven’t ever had a problem with telling him when to work. I have a problem with telling him when to stop.”

“I mean if you want to be good at something, you’ve got to work. You’ve got to work hard at it. You can’t just sit down and just watch TV and play Fortnite all day.”

Stone Head Football Coach John Feaster said, “That’s the only thing you can do right now is you’ve got to have faith over fear. You can’t let your fear of possibly not having a season, possibly not having summer workouts overcome your faith in our Father – our Lord in Heaven – so what it shows is that he doesn’t realize it now but when he looks back, he’ll say that’s an example of faith.”

With the 2020 high school football season still at the mercy of COVID-19, fear is just part of the territory. But with a first name like Airness and a middle name like Jordan, so is striving for greatness in the midst of adversity. “Football has really been a good thing in my life. It teaches me how to be a better man thanks to my head coach, Coach Feaster.”

“(I guess with a name like Airness, does he hold himself to a higher standard?) I mean we’ve never really talked about it, but you’ve got to. You’ve got to. You’ve got to have a certain personality – something about you – to walk around if you’ve got a name like Airness because everybody knows why he has that name, so you’ve got to be special in some kind of way.”


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