MEMA launches website to help Mississippi businesses


Today Governor Tate Reeves held another briefing this afternoon, addressing that MEMA launched a new website to help Mississippi businesses.

The Mississippi Business Emergency Operations Center is to help Mississippi businesses to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and human-caused disasters.

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Reeves said it’s a portal where businesses can offer their resources to those in need. “We’ve already seen so many step up. Individuals and small businesses stepping up to produce masks, hand sanitizers, and even to help us convert ventilators. In other emergencies, we’ve seen businesses quickly able to provide insulin or water or whatever is needed in the area to help us get through. This doesn’t automatically make you a vendor, it’s just stepping forward so that we might be able to identify a helper when the need comes and the need is coming.”

If you’re interested in help you can check out the website at


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