Start of Shuckers season delayed due to Coronavirus


If Major League Baseball is under lock and key so goes the same for Minor League Baseball. That means the Biloxi Shuckers won’t start their season as scheduled next month due to the Coronavirus.

Today, Minor League Baseball released the following statement regarding the tentative plans going forward: “In light of the current coronavirus outbreak, and after consultation with medical professionals and our partners at Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball will delay the start of the 2020 Championship Season. We will continue to monitor the developments and will announce additional information about the 2020 season at a later date. “

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Biloxi Shuckers Media Relations Manager Garrett Greene said, “I think this is something unlike anything that we’ve ever seen. We’ve seen strikes that have delayed seasons. We saw rain that delayed the start of our season by a day last year. But across all sports, it’s very different and very surreal to see what’s going on. But I think that leagues and organizations aren’t knee-jerk reacting to this. You don’t cancel the NCAA Tournament because of a hunch. You don’t suspend spring training because of a hunch. You don’t delay the start of a minor league season because you just have a feeling about something. There’s science behind it and there’s public health at the core of it.”


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