Bringing awareness to Gold Star Families


May looks to be a huge month for members of the Gold Star community here on the Coast.

The Navy Gold Star Program dedicates the month of May as ‘Gold Star Awareness Month.’ In an effort to help raise public awareness for Gold Star families, regardless of their branch affiliation, the program is hosting a variety of events including a run to remember and a partnership with the Mississippi Veterans Affairs and Biloxi Shuckers to do a military salute families.

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Navy Gold Star Coordinator Emily Kolenda says it is important to remind these families they are appreciated. “Years ago Gold Star Families were kind of dropped by their military branch after their service member passed away. They would receive some support for maybe a few weeks to a couple months and then they were to be on their own to figure out resources and organizations to provide support for them. So like this, the Army Survivor Outreach Services, Air Force Families Forever, we’re able to provide resources to keep them connected to their military family and answer any questions they might have.”

Throughout the month, the Navy Gold Star Program will host events that pay tribute to the fallen and connect them with one another.

For more information on events on the Gulf Coast visit their Facebook page.


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