Family speaks out on controversial Mardi Gras throw in Hancock County


The family of the little girl and their attorney are speaking out today on the latest of the investigation into the controversial doll that was thrown to a 12-year-old girl during a parade in Hancock County.

Family Attorney Michael Crosby and the girl’s father, Derrick Dedeaux, say they’re in a wait-and-see situation following the forwarding of the investigation by the Bay St. Louis Police Department to the FBI.

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They say it is disappointing that no hate crime charges were filed following the initial investigation and still want the person responsible to face criminal charges.

The family has also pledged to cooperate with the FBI in terms of providing them with any information they may need. Crosby said, “We are very concerned because we want justice in the case. They came to me and said they were traumatized by what happened. They were very concerned about their child. They did not know what was in store for her.”

Dedeaux said, “I’m pretty sure that anybody that had a child that went through this they’ll feel the same way. They want justice and they want to see, you know, get this together and to be right.”

Crosby said, “That’s what we want to make sure that they do. That they go forward with this case and make sure that the man’s held accountable and anyone else who is involved in this should be likewise held accountable.”

Dedeaux says his daughter is working on finding creative ways to share her story, including writing a book.

News 25 will keep you up to date as this story continues to develop.


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