Remembering Madison Harris


Tonight, the community mourns the loss of Biloxi High School student Madison Harris who was shot earlier this week.

“Her laugh, her laugh. She never had anything negative, she was always positive.”  Memories shared by close friends of Madison Harris Wednesday night during a vigil to honor her life. Family friend Karen Creel said, “She would come over to the house and we got to spend time with her and get to know her. She was such a beautiful young girl.”

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Madison’s best friend, Aly Burns, said, “Whenever somebody would ask if we were twins or something, we would just say we were because that’s how close we were.”

“She could just walk into a room and it would brighten up.”

Monday afternoon, what was supposed to be an attempted robbery turned into the shooting death of 16-year-old Madison. Karen Creel is a Harris family friend. She says the loss of Madison is a tragedy for the entire community. “I think it’s awful. I think that it’s terrible that not only did Madison lose her life, but there are four sets of parents that are losing their kids to jail potentially because of a crime that was committed that was completely senseless.”

Those in attendance at the vigil hope by shining a light in honor of Madison will help bring an end to gun violence. “One step forward would be everyone stopping hating each other and just start loving each other. That’s what Madison stood for. She was every bit of a sweet spirit. She was just a sweet girl and I know that in the outcome of this Madison being in a better place is what’s going to get all of us through it.”