‘No One Eats Alone Day’ at D’Iberville Middle School


Students at D’Iberville Middle School spent their lunch period today making new friends and spreading kindness.

The school’s SAVE Club recognized ‘National No One Eats Alone Day’ by encouraging students to sit by other students they may not know and include them in friendly conversations during lunch.

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Members of the D’Iberville Fire Department also joined in the fun by talking with students and spreading the good cheer.

The goal of the day is to make sure that each student here and across the country feels welcomed as a valued part of their school community. SAVE Club Sponsor Savannah Kozlowski said, “They usually sit by their friends. It kind of gets them out of their comfort zone and it’s really just to prevent youth isolation, especially in middle school, which is a tough time.”

This is the fourth year the school has participated in ‘No One Eats Alone Day.’