02/14 Ryan’s “Valentine’s Day” Friday Forecast


Happy Valentine’s Day South Mississippi! A cold front moved through yesterday, but we were still left with cloud cover heading into the night. Even that was gone as most people woke up today, and we’ll enjoy clear, sunny weather for most of the weekend.

Tonight’s low to fall to near 36 on the coastline, and closer to freezing inland, meaning a light frost is possible.

It’ll warm slightly into tomorrow afternoon, high near 63 with light cloud cover. Unfortunately, the cloud cover doesn’t stay gone for long. We’ll begin to see upper level cloud cover moving in from the Gulf heading into Sunday evening, and rain won’t be far behind. The warm front passes through quickly, but we’ll be in the “warm sector” for a few days before the cold front catches up. That means “disturbed” weather will linger for most of the week, clearing out just in time for the weekend…very similar to what we saw this week.


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