Ryan’s “Slowly Clearing” Thursday Evening Forecast


Active start to the day as thunderstorms moved in, but now the skies will slowly clear through the night. Cold, drier air is already filling in on the back of a 10 mph northerly breeze, so tonight’s 40 degree low will be a bit shocking…especially after the 60+ degree lows of the last few nights.

Thanks to those slowly clearing skies we’re expecting plenty of sun tomorrow!

It won’t do much to make it much warmer, so expect a cool, dry afternoon with a high near 58. These pleasantly sunny conditions will linger for much of the weekend, but clouds begin to move in as a warm front pushes up from the Gulf. Expect this front to increase cloud cover and shower chances into Monday morning, but the associated cold front isn’t expect until Wednesday. That means a few days of warming ,scattered clouds, and isolated showers before our next cool-down.