02/12 – Rob Knight’s “Damp and Cloudy” Wednesday Morning Forecast


A cold front will finally move slowly through the area tonight into Thursday morning. The air mass ahead of the front will initially be cool/stable, but gradual destabilization will occur by late afternoon and evening with daytime heating.

A threat for severity will exist with the greatest area to be farther north where the Storm Prediction Center has shifted the slight risk area. This does not mean that we have no chance of observing a strong or even severe thunderstorms though. We have been set back in marginal which states that there is an isolated shot at getting a severe thunderstorm.

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Damaging wind gusts are most likely, but a brief tornado will be possible if conditions become absolutely favorable.

Much colder and drier after the cold front moves through Thursday and will likely continue into the weekend but the clouds will be stubborn to move out at least for Thursday. We will begin to moderate Saturday and will continue into next week.

Another cold front is expected to move through Tuesday night with a good bit of overrunning, at least from the models perspective.