Gulfport Navy veteran turns 100


If you’re looking for the secret to a long and happy life, we might have found the answers. Today, a veteran on the Gulf Coast turned the big 100 and revealed her tricks for making it to a century.

It was a party fit for a queen as four generations of the Hogan family gathered at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport to celebrate their matriarch’s 100th birthday. “We’re having a birthday party for my 100th birthday.”

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Born one of 11 children, Loise Hogan grew up on a family farm in Tennessee during the Great Depression. She later decoded for naval intelligence during World War II. Loise’s oldest daughter, Mary Beth Hogan said, “She came from a one room school house with her oldest sister as her school teacher, but her math skills were extraordinary so they placed her in naval intelligence were she spent her time decoding enemy messages in World War II.”

Staying true to her fearless nature, in 2005 Loise decided to stay in Gulfport when Hurricane Katrina swept through the city. “During Katrina, she did not want to leave. Her adventurous spirit, we kept saying ‘oh mother, you need to leave,’ and she’d say, ‘ I’ve never seen a hurricane, I think I’ll stay.’”

But her biggest accomplishment might be that she raised a beautiful family, she has four kids, nine grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren.  Granddaughter Lizzie Eaves said, “She has just been such an inspiration in my life. She is such a strong woman and she is just so kind and she has inspired me to be like that.”

So, if you are wondering how to spend a century on this Earth, Louise shared her tips with us and it’s quite simple: “Do all the right things and don’t do anything bad.”

A great lesson, a century in the making.