Sixth annual Biloxi Shuckers Job Fair


Another Shuckers Job Fair is in the books. Tonight, residents gathered at MGM Park in Biloxi for a chance to join the Shuckers family.

“I tried to be the mascot, but I’m a little short.” There were several other positions available at the sixth annual Biloxi Shuckers Job Fair including retail help, ticket takers, ushers, mascots, just to name a few. Shuckers Media Relations Manager Garrett Greene said, “These are people who are the face of the organization. They are the people who when folks walk into the ball park they’re the first experience with the Biloxi Shuckers.”

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Daniel Dumas say once he heard about an opportunity to work with the Shuckers he had to be first in line. “I’m a sport fanatic. I went to school to be a PE teacher, to Mississippi College. I played 13 years arena football. In 2004, I had a tryout with the Green Bay Packers. So growing up around sports my entire life, it’s just my passion to be around sports.”

The Shuckers chose to host a fair instead of traditional hiring because they want to make sure the new employees’ energy matches the excitement of the fans. “We like to get face-to-face with people to see what they have to offer for us and also get the community to come out to see what we have to offer for them.”

“It gives you a chance to talk face to face with bosses and managers versus being online on a computer.”

Above all officials hope to create an electric atmosphere for both staff and the crowd. “We’re always looking to add on to our award-winning team and bring in folks who can provide great customer service and provide a great experience when people come out to the ball park in 2020.”