Welcoming Biloxi’s new superintendent


Today marks one week since Marcus Boudreaux was named Biloxi School superintendent. The youngest superintendent in the past 60 years, Boudreaux sat down with News 25’s Andrew Scherer to explain his excitement in taking on the new role.

It’s a bittersweet day for former Biloxi High Principal and new Superintendent Marcus Boudreaux as he moves out of his office. “This has been an integral part of my life and it’s going to be sad to leave. I got emotional last week whenever I did my last announcements. I didn’t expect to, but it got the best of me.”

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Born on the Coast, Boudreaux is no stranger to the Biloxi School District. Boudreaux’s three daughters all go to school in the district and his wife works in it as well. “He really cares about our students here at Biloxi High School, so sad to lose him, but I know now as a district, everybody is getting to experience what we’ve experienced for the past few years here at Biloxi High.”

Excited and ready to get to work, Boudreaux’s made the most of his first week as superintendent. “I’ve visited every single campus, been to every classroom, introduced myself to all the teachers, told them how I excited I am to work with them.”

Every school in the district has an ‘A’ or ‘B’ rating, making it hard for Boudreaux to pinpoint areas that need improving. So, for now, his plan is expand the excellence of Biloxi High onto every school in the district. “Biloxi High is rooted in excellence. We’re pushing ourselves each and every day to get better and the Biloxi School District is the exact same way, rooted in excellence, and we’re just trying to maintain an ‘A,’ but also push higher and higher.”


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