‘Help Cards’ are changing lives on the Coast


For many, panhandling is a full time job that actually pays pretty well. According to officials, we see many ‘professional panhandlers’ on the Coast.

It’s often hard to turn someone down when they ask you for money on the street. This is why the Salvation Army launched their ‘help cards’ last April with the hopes of giving panhandlers a hand-up instead of a handout.

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Officials with the Salvation Army tell News 25 this card has been very successful over the last few months and they have recently printed extra after running out of their first batch of 22,000 cards. Major Bradley Caldwell with the Salvation Army said, “When you have five bucks in your hand, it’s gone. You buy a sandwich or whatever, you have no more money and you are in the same situation. The help card directs you to services that are on-going and that are there to help you better your situation, not just get a hot meal, but do more than that.”

If you would like a ‘help card’ display for your business you can contact your local Salvation Army.


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