Former Harrison County deputy tax collector enters guilty plea


This morning former Harrison County Deputy Tax Collector Denise Gill pleaded guilty in a Gulfport courtroom to one felony count of fraud for submitting false travel vouchers and collecting mileage reimbursements from the county.

Gill claimed she traveled between the three tax collector’s offices in Harrison County during the work day in her personal vehicle.

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According to our media partner, the Sun Herald, Gill believed she was justified in claiming the mileage because of the wear and tear on her car.

However, witnesses, videos, and courthouse card readers show she did not travel to the locations in her personal vehicle as she claimed.

The state is recommending Gill serve two years under house arrest and three years on probation.

The judge is expected to accept Gill’s plea and sentence her on February 26th in Biloxi.

In the meantime, Gill says she’ll continue working as a volunteer during tax season after she was put on administrative leave in July last year.

The total of false mileage amounted to more than $3,200, but as part of her plea three other charges are being dismissed.


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