Bringing justice to abused animals


You may remember Coco, the dog we introduced you to last week. He was left tied to a tree in the woods in Biloxi and later found by a hunter.

Coco was microchipped by his previous adopter and Just Cause Rescue discovered his real name is Sebastian.

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Sebastian is now in a loving foster home after a rough start, but he now needs your help getting 16 teeth extracted. His canine teeth are broken with exposed roots and the incisors are worn down below the gum line.

The vet believes this to be a cause of biting himself from a suspected flea allergy.

After seeing many cases of animal cruelty and neglect in our area over the last several years, Just Cause Rescue wants to educate the community on what to do if you ever find an animal abandoned like Sebastian. Wendy Kennedy with Just Cause Rescue said, “Law enforcement and animal control does what they do for a reason. It’s to help dogs like this. We’re not law enforcement. We can’t legally prosecute. You have got to get it on file to get them prosecuted. We can say it’s injustice everyday, but unless you have legal authority and law enforcement presence recording this all, then you can’t do anything to prosecute anybody. So in an instance of Sebastian, he was tied to a tree, if they would’ve called animal control the day they found him, had an animal control officer come get him, he could’ve gone to the shelter, got scanned for the chip, and that person would’ve been called who owned him to see why he got tied to a tree. Now it’s too late, we have no proof of anything.”

If you’d like to help in Sebastian’s dental treatment go to Just Cause Rescue’s Facebook page.