Special Needs Kickball Program


Biloxi’s Park and Recreation Department is ready to kick off their fifth annual Kickball Program for those with special needs.

Tomorrow, the softball fields at Hiller Park will be packed with nearly 40 kids and adults of all ages with physical and mental disabilities all joined together for a night of fun.

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Players will be broken up into four teams and everyone will receive a free uniform.

Olina Nelson is a coach for the program as well as a parent to special needs children and she says whether you’re in a wheelchair, blind, or deaf, your needs can be accommodated if you want to come out and play. “I think it’s a good thing to come out, even if you don’t think they want it or to do anything. Let them come out and just try. You don’t have to participate. Just let them watch, cheer on the others, and once they get out there, usually they like it. They know their teammates. They know their friends. They know it is safe and they can be themselves.”

Games start tomorrow at 6 p.m. at Hiller Park. Head out there if you’d like to sign up. They’ll continue every Tuesday until March 10th.


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