Diamondhead Mayor Tommy Schaefer stops by WXXV


Diamondhead Mayor Tommy Schaefer was this week’s ‘Mayoral Monday’ guest with plenty to discuss for the segment this morning.

Mayor Schaefer spoke on the two juveniles in connection with the fire and vandalism of a home in Diamondhead.

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The mayor tells News 25 it is always unfortunate when someone loses their personal property.

He also talked about the expiration of covenants in Diamondhead, explaining what’s next regarding resident property owners paying dues to the Property Owner’s Association, also known as the POA. “I feel like it is the city’s responsibility to have a financially sound plan in place to maintain all these things so that they don’t deteriorate. In essence, nobody would know who’s running what. It would just continue to run. It would run on a public docket, with a public checkbook, all the money would be on the books so to speak.”

As far as economic development in the city, Mayor Schaefer tells News 25 there is a huge demand for homes in Diamondhead, including a new subdivision called Beau View coming soon.


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