Jackson County Sheriff’s Dept. issues warning about vehicle break-ins


The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department has been investigating a series of car break-ins over the last few days.

They say the break ins have been committed with in the late night, early hours in the Harleston community near Lilly-Coleman Road.

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Right now they believe their suspects are white males. The department posted to their Facebook page on Monday warning residents of these crimes that they say can be avoided.

The Sheriff’s Department advises you to never leave your car unlocked or leave valuables in plain sight. Captain Randy Muffley said, “Suspects are taking advantage of residents being asleep, sneaking up on their properties, looking in their windows. If they see valuables inside in plain view and the vehicle is locked, they busted the windows. If the vehicle was unlocked well that just made it easier for them. As we say you know lock your cars. Don’t leave valuables in them. Watch out for your neighbors. If you see something suspicious say something.”

Some of the residents security cameras gave them some leads which they say is a good safety measure to have as long as there aren’t any lights shining to hurt the camera quality.

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If you do have any information you are urged to contact the sheriff’s department or Crime Stoppers.


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