01/15 – Rob’s “Warm and Humid” Wednesday Morning Forecast


The one variable that did change yesterday to keep fog out of the area during most of Tuesday evening was lift. The fog that formed lifted due to heating first, then as the area just to the north became a shield of showers and thunderstorms, this moisture was able to become transported northward where even better lift was occurring.

The moisture moving northward quickly took its place over the area causing fog to form once again this morning. A low level cloud deck has hit the surface as we move through the morning hours.

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Again, this fog will lift into a low level ceiling as temps warm once again. Record highs are not always expected, and yesterday they were broken in Gulfport, New Orleans, and Mobile.

Temperatures will have the potential to do the same today if the low level cloud deck can clear with enough time for some heating to occur. The only thing that won’t be as prevalent will be the area of showers and thunderstorms to the north. This area will be even farther north today.

A cold front over the central Plains will move toward the area and stall just offshore Thursday night and begin to move back over the area Friday night as a warm front.

Some rain will be around with patchy fog Thursday and Thursday night, then possibly again for Friday night ahead of the next cold front that should move through Saturday evening cleaning the area out of the rain and fog and dropping back to more seasonal temps for much of next week.