Humane Society offering discount spay and neuter


In October the Humane Society of South Mississippi made it their goal to spay and neuter an additional 1,000 cats in Harrison County. So far they’ve completed around 600.

With this goal they hope to reduce the number of cats coming into the shelter, especially with spring approaching which is their busy season for kittens.

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Right now the shelter is seeing an influx of animals. Within the past week weeks, HSSM has taken in around 100 pets.

For only $25 you can get your male or female cats fixed and given a rabies shot. “It’s important to offer these discounts because not everyone can afford to fix their pets. So we do everything we can through grants and also fundraising in house. We are selling our ‘cat-tastrophe’ t-shirts right now and all of those proceeds go straight to our SNIP fund in order to provide these discounts.”

To schedule your cats spay or neuter surgery go online to