Diamondhead home vandalized with satanic markings


Residents in Diamondhead are growing concerned due to a recent wave of vandalism.

Satanic symbols and markings have appeared on a Diamondhead home that was involved in a house fire just last week.

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Diamondhead residents were concerned following a string of graffiti incidents over the summer. Now, they don’t know what to think.

Resident Joy Dinnella said, “I think a lot of residents are scared. We’re not getting any response from city leaders, fire department is not really talking about much, and so, we just want answers. We want to know we’re safe.”

Following last Wednesday’s house fire on Diamondhead Drive, it was discovered that the home was covered in satanic markings and disturbing graffiti which residents have seen before. “There have been several incidents throughout the community of kind of things that were taking place here. The graffiti, some damage to the pool across the street.  Just small acts of vandalism that has been unaddressed for quite some time.”

But this act doesn’t seem small. The home belonged to Jamie North, who purchased it shortly after Hurricane Katrina, hoping to rebuild it.

North didn’t live on the property and didn’t pay for electricity or gas which makes North and other residents believe that vandals are responsible. “The fire department is looking into it and you kind of feel helpless. You don’t have insurance and you don’t, you know, it’s just a loss.”

According to the Diamondhead Fire Department, the blaze is being investigated by the Hancock County Fire Marshall.

News 25 made a phone call to their office and received no comment.