01/14 – Rob’s “Foggy and Warm” Tuesday Morning Forecast


Fog will be a hard habit to break over the next several days with the very warm and humid air mass in place.

It will take at least one variable to change before it will dissipate and the only thing changing is the temperature by several degrees within the normal daily cycle.

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This simply leads to fog lifting into a low ceiling only to set back to the surface once the sun sets. For now, the Dense Fog Advisory is in effect through noon today which should be around the time that enough heating should lift it from the surface.

This advisory will likely be issued once again for the overnight hours tonight. The same should hold true for the marine areas.

A cold front will move to the Gulf Coast on Thursday and slow to a crawl as it basically spills into the area waters which is where it should stall Friday then quickly move north as a warm front Friday night.

The next cold front will move through Saturday evening or overnight, but once this front clears the area, it should clean things out until next week.


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