Questions continue with cold case victim


The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department continues to face more questions than answers in the serial murders of the infamous Samuel Little. One of the unidentified women on Little’s list was a Gulfport resident.

In 2018, serial killer Samuel Little confessed to 93 murders throughout the U.S. including five right here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Harrison County Sheriff’s Department Crime Scene Investigator Kristi Johnson said, “We’ve identified three of those five. He’s been issued arrest warrants for those cases. One of the victims that still remains unidentified, he actually put her body in Jackson County.”

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To help identify her, Little put his photographic memory to use and provided law enforcement with a sketch. “We’re hoping maybe someone will look at that sketch of her and think she looks familiar or a person in their community or family that resembles her.”

Johnson says Little was in the area pretty frequently over the decades. “He frequented the Turkey Creek community when he was in town. So, he says he picked her up from that neighborhood. She was either at the bar, near the bar, or leaving the bar. He doesn’t remember specifically which one and that he picked her up and that they traveled around Gulfport for a little while and that he then killed her and then dumped her body in Gulfport.”

The time of her murder is anticipated as early as the mid to late 70s. During his 2018 confessions, he claimed to have killed two Gulfport girls on the same day in the 90s. “We found those cases and that was December 1992. He does say that he killed this victim before he killed those two. So, we’re looking at any time before December 1992.”

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Johnson says it is now up to the public to help fill the gap in this cold case. “Think back on their family members, their church members, anybody in their neighborhood they may have known who was found deceased and their body was found outside or that went missing.”

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