Miss Gulf Coast and Miss Teen Gulf Coast


Applications are now open for contestants in a local and historical pageant and one with a new name.

The ‘Miss Gulf Coast’ and ‘Miss Teen Gulf Coast Pageant’ will be held on February 1st. The pageant is hosted by the Biloxi Lion’s Club to raise funds for its many projects throughout the year as well as provide scholarships to the winners.

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The winners receive a thousand dollar scholarship to go towards the university of their choice.

Participating contestants will compete in a variety of categories from stage questions, evening wear, and talent.

This is the first year the organization has left behind the Camellia name for the ‘Miss Teen Gulf Coast’ portion, but they kept the flower within the logo to help remember the history of this 62-year-old event. Master of Ceremonies Greg Crapo said, “The Camellia Queen Pageant goes back to the days of the Camellia Festival where the garden clubs would have Camellia shows and we didn’t want to lose that history, but we realize that the title was becoming a little out dated. We wanted the young women of today to feel a little more comfortable being a part of the pageant and hence so we renamed it to Miss Gulf Coast Teen and we are excited about the new future for us.”

For more information visit biloxilions.org. For those beauty queens out there, the ‘Miss Gulf Coast’ is a ‘Miss Mississippi’ preliminary pageant.