King cake beer returns to Chandeleur Island Brewing Company


With Mardi Gras season officially back the folks at Chandeleur Island Brewing Company are celebrating it the only way they know how.

For the third year in a row, Chandeleur’s king cake ale has returned. The creamy ale is made with king cakes from Le Bakery in Ocean Springs which are placed inside a tank of Chandeleur’s freemason ale.

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The idea for the festive brew started as a joke amongst the Chandeleur family, but has now become a Coastal favorite. Chandeleur Brewing Company Brewmaster Dave Reese said, “We feel a part of the community. People wait for it every year. We love doing it. We took a chance on it and our customers kind of trusted us enough to try it and it’s worked out so far. We have a great thing going here.”

The beer is available for a limited time only at the Chandeleur Brewing Company in Gulfport.


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