Second chance at life for local dog


Many of you may remember Shadow, the dog who couldn’t move on his own and was receiving veterinary care at Fur Baby’s Veterinary Hospital.

Today, News 25’s Kristen Anzuini brings a heartwarming update.

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Just a few months ago, Shadow the dog was clinging to life after being attacked by a larger dog. He was bit in the neck. He could barely move and he couldn’t even get up to use the restroom or eat on his own. Dr. Alice Xenachis said, “It was just a really sad situation and the dog just kind of reminded us of so many other dogs that’s been injured. It was just the right time, right place I guess. So that was lucky for Shadow and for us to meet him because he helped us just see how much animals can fight.”

Now, Shadow has a second chance at life thanks to the doctors at Fur Baby’s Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Jason and Dr. Alice never gave up on Shadow even when he seemed hopeless. “It makes us feel really good. It makes us happy we could participate in his care.”

Shadow is currently in a loving home where he continues to get better each day with the help of his foster parents. Shadow’s foster dad, Jay Sanzin, says he knew he had to help when he first saw the dog. “You could see it in his eyes that he still had life left in him. I have always been an animal person. I used to always get in trouble as a kid for bringing home dogs and cats and a pig and whatever.”

Shadow still has a long road ahead of him, but the future looks bright for this pooch. “It’s been awesome. The first couple of days I did not think he would ever be able to do anything on his own, and shortly I noticed, I started walking him with the other dogs and seeing he had a will to do what they did and I think they helped motivate him as well because he saw what they were doing and he thought hey I wanna do that too.”

Shadow still has a large bill from all of the work he had done. If you would like to donate you can contact Fur Baby’s Veterinary Hospital directly.